Sky Harbor Airport Information

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located between 24th and 44th Avenues in Phoenix. The airport is spread out and has three separate terminals. These terminals are not that close to each other, and if you need to change terminals, go outside the terminal, and catch the Airport Shuttle to the terminal you need to get to. Since Phoenix can be quite hot at times, make good use of these cooling rides.

Parking is available at both sides of the airport in the East or West Parking Lots. Different levels have different rates, and there is a cell phone lot on each side of the airport where people can wait for passengers if they can find a space in those lots. To reach the terminal from the parking area, it is best to take the local shuttle. It is not a short walk, especially with luggage in tow.

The terminals are named two, three and four. There is no terminal one. It was torn down and not rebuilt. Terminal Two is located at the 24th avenue end of the airport. Airlines using this terminal are Alaska, Continental, Great Lakes and United. Each terminal is individual so if you flight arrives at the terminal, your luggage will arrive there as well. If you need to transfer to another terminal, go out door No. 4 and cross the street. Then pick up the Airport Shuttle to the next terminal. If you decide to walk to the other terminal, go out door No. 8 to the pathway. There are eight doors in terminal Two.

Terminal Three is longer than Terminal Two and is spread across the main airport street. It has a center and two concourses, one off each side. Airlines that arrive at Terminal Three are American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue and Sun Country. The terminal is on two levels with the ticket counters and luggage carousels on the first level and the airline gates on the second level. If you need to reach Terminal Two, go out Door No. 6 and catch the Airport Shuttle across the street. Door 6 also works to take the Shuttle to the West Parking Lot. If you need to reach Terminal 4, go out Door No. 7 and catch the Airport Shuttle on the other side of the terminal. This also works for the East Parking Lot.

Terminal Four is the largest terminal at the airport. This terminal hosts Aeromexico, Air Canada, AirTran Airlines, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, US Airways, and WestJet. Located on the 44th Avenue side of the airport, this terminal has three levels. Four concourses are on one side and three on the other side with a center terminal in the middle. In this terminal, baggage arrives on the first level, the ticket counters are on level two, and the gates are on level three. If you need to catch the Airport Shuttle to the East Parking Lot or the Light Rail Station, go out Door 5 on the first floor. If you need to reach Terminal Three, Terminal Two or the West Parking Lot, go out Door 6 on the first floor.

If you want to rent a car, you must reach the separate rental car building off of the West Parking Lot. Don't take the Airport Shuttle. For Terminal Four, go out Door 6 and get on the Rental Car Center Shuttle. This will take you directly to the Rental Car Center. This is true for all terminals. Use Door No 6 at Terminal Three. Use Door No. 4 at Terminal Two to reach the Rental Center Shuttle. The airport website strongly recommends that you arrange your rental car in advance of your arrival. If you choose to use the Light Rail Station, the Airport Shuttle can bring you to this location. At the Rail Station, you can connect with local bus lines. If you choose other types of rides such as limos or vans, take the same terminal doors to reach the East Parking Lot.